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Direct Cremations Compared

Funerals are changing. Increasingly, those who have departed simply didn’t want a fuss and the huge burden of expense placed upon their families. People wish to honour the passing of their loves ones, but they don’t want the stress of a large, traditional funeral and all it entails. For some it’s about the money; for many others, it’s more a lifestyle choice.

That’s why here at Secure Haven, we have designed our funeral services around the needs of the modern man and woman. We provide more than just the so-called “express” or “direct” cremations, which have been on the rise in recent years. They are touted as low-cost options where the deceased is cremated without a funeral service, but with many hidden extras and charges – such as cremation certification fees, return of ashes and many more; often they can be anything but cheaper alternatives.

With the typical funeral running into many thousands of pounds, costs are always high in people’s minds. At Secure Haven, one of the main questions our clients ask is how much it’s all going to cost for a cremation funeral, and what they get for it compared to a direct cremation.

It is true that the costs of cremation have been rising, and this has led many people to seek cheaper ways of cremating their loved ones that may only end up costing them the same, or more. At Secure Haven, we believe services that offer direct, express and even cheap cremations are misleading, and that is why we have created our Honesty Package, which is our most simple funeral. There are also other options, including our popular Sympathy and Tranquillity packages.

Our Honesty Package gives you all you need to say farewell to your loved one the way you want, and with total dignity. We offer a top-rated service that comes with an all-inclusive price that doesn’t have additional fees and charges, so you know where you stand from the outset.

Many people select this option because it not only saves them a substantial amount of money, but it fits with the wishes of their departed loved one – that they not spend large sums on their funeral but instead do something with the money for themselves. It could be for an event marking the person’s passing, or the cash could be put to more practical use, such as an incredible family holiday celebrating the departed’s life.

Still others have left instructions in their wills not to have any kind of elaborate funeral – hiring cars, a venue after the funeral that requires catering services for guests and many more elements – but to use the money for those left behind to enjoy their lives. Some people have even been instructed to tour the world, to live their lives to the full, while they still can.

Secure Haven fully recognises this growing lifestyle trend, and all our packages offer the best in professional care and attention that you would expect at this difficult time in your life.

We are here to give you the quality and affordable service you want, the way you want it.