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Where Can I Bury Somebody?

Burials take place in cemeteries within the ground of churches and crematoria. As an alternative, green burial grounds located throughout the U.K. are becoming more commonplace as final resting places. The decision between burial and cremation is quite often made on religious or cultural basis.

Cemeteries are usually owned by local district authorities and will accommodate all denominations. These grave spaces may be purchased at the time of need or reserved and in some cemeteries, you may choose a preferred location. Exclusive rights of burial include the right to place a memorial on the grave.

Burial plots in churchyards are owned by the church and have different rules and regulations to those in cemeteries. Unfortunately many churchyards in the UK are now full and therefore closed.

Burials in ‘green or woodland grounds’ focus on the preservation of the environment and protection of natural wildlife. Biodegradable coffins are used and no headstones or grave markers are permitted.

Occasionally a tree can be planted or an existing tree can be dedicated in memory of a loved one.