24hrs: 01245 377 077

Alt: 07436 531 884

Email: support@securehaven.co.uk

No.1 Hospital Approach, Broomfield, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 7FA


24hrs: 01245 377 077

Alternative: 07436 531 884

Email: support@securehaven.co.uk

No.1 Hospital Approach, Broomfield, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 7FA

Message From Secure Haven

Here at Secure Haven, we are extremely aware of families’ concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic and the impending effects. As ever, we will always be transparent and honest in our approach to providing information regarding funeral services. Please feel rest-assured that we have worked hard to implement all the necessary protocols within our facility, as well as when we go out into the community. All our staff have been briefed accordingly to adhere to our preventative guidelines. Please forgive us if we don’t greet you in our usual manner, as we’re limiting personal contact in order that we can continue to best serve you. If contacting Secure Haven Funeral Directors to inform us about the loss of your loved one, we will request as to whether the deceased or your family have had any symptoms of coronavirus, so that we may respond appropriately. In these instances, we will follow guidelines set out by the Government when attending to the deceased. Suitable PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), including face masks, gloves, protective eyewear and overalls, will be worn to protect both ourselves and your family members whist in attendance, and we will continue to uphold the dignity of loved ones at all times. Suitable hand-washing facilities, sanitisers and paper towels are on-hand at our facility on Hospital Approach, Broomfield and we would invite all visitors to follow the usual guidelines of hand cleaning on arrival and departure. We are more than happy to be contacted to discuss any concerns that our wonderful community and families may have, and to discuss the funeral options available. As we will likely follow the directives of other countries that have been affected the coronavirus (covid-19), it appears that the type of funerals available may also be affected over time. In this case, we are seeing a directive towards a non-attended, or direct funeral, being both preferable and, in some cases, the only option available. Secure Haven Funeral Directors are the leading providers of bespoke funeral packages for Chelmsford, Essex. Our non-attended direct cremation Honesty Package, at £995, enables us to take care of your loved one with the same dignity and respect as any other funeral package. We can also offer a webcam for service funerals, where attendance may be limited. If you are unable to visit in person to arrange a funeral, due to isolation, we can accommodate face-to-face arrangements via Facetime or WhatsApp. Modern technology will help to keep our services personal wherever possible. At Secure Haven, we all understand the distress that the coronavirus is having on the local Essex community and the nation overall. With families and children of our own, we will always be at the forefront of our profession.   Click here to read our Government guidelines set out to all UK funeral directors  

Coronavirus / Covid-19 Funeral Guidelines

  Our Government has set funeral directors strict public health guidelines in the care of families and the deceased and at Secure Haven Funeral Directors (SHFD) we believe in transparency so that families are aware of the following protocols when dealing with this scenario should it arise. Prior to arrival at a private residence, Care Home or Hospice all Secure Haven Funeral Director staff will adhere to the following government guidelines; – 1. All SHFD will be required to wear full personal protective equipment (PPE) prior to entering any residence. 2. Family members will not be permitted to be in the room whist the deceased is being prepared prior to being taken into our care. 3. Due to government guidelines and to protect your family and our staff, all deceased will be placed in a suitable body bag prior to transportation. 4. Unfortunately, and with regret we will be unable to have any physical contact with family members during this procedure however we will be able to reassure family members verbally. 5. We will advise as to the necessary procedures to be undertaken by family, carers or care home staff to reduce and limit any further contamination once the removal has taken place. 6. Your loved one will be transported directly to Secure haven Funeral Directors where they will always be prior to the funeral.    

Secure Haven News
Cheryl Yarwood

Welcome to our new website!!

We now have a fresh new website! We hope you can easily find everything that you are looking for. We always welcome your comments and will do everything we can to make the site accessible, clear and simple to use.

Useful information to prevent junk mail

Useful information from Martin Lewis on This Morning. When a loved one dies amongst the difficulty of dealing with both grief and the financial burden of dealing with the funeral arrangements, there is a large administrative task of informing companies to stop sending upsetting mail and phones calls for the deceased. To help you prevent this UK Finance have launched a death notification service (https://www.deathnotificationservice.co.uk/) which is a one stop shop working with many major banks to prevent you having to notify each one individually. You simply tell them which banks the deceased had accounts with. Anyone can do this from family members to friends or carers who simply provide an id check carried out by Experian. This doesn’t mark your credit file and unless you choose to open an account you won’t get lots of notifications. To carry this out you will need: Deceased Name Address D.O.B Date of Funeral Death Certificate Reference Number. Other similar services include the Governments Tell Us Once Service (https://www.gov.uk/…/organisations-you-need-to-contact-and-…) which reports death to the DVLA, HM Revenue and Customers and your local council. There is also the free Deceased Preference Service (https://www.deceasedpreferenceservice.co.uk/) and Bereavement Register (https://www.thebereavementregister.org.uk/) both of which can stop the majority of junk mail arriving.

Grief Recovery Tips
Cheryl Yarwood

Helping people to deal with bereavement

When a friend or relative is dealing with bereavement, we may feel a bit useless, not sure how to act around them or what to do to help them. At times we can get too “positive” in a desire to help them get through this stage in their lives. Or we may avoid them altogether, afraid that we can make matters worse. But the bereaved need your support, even if they appear to be fine and loneliness is one of their main complaints when it comes to talking about their grief. So what can you do? Here are a few ideas that may come in handy: Be personal. Call or write a letter. Say how sad you are at the news and share some fond memories you have of the deceased. Do not limit this contact to just the funeral. The bereaved need comfort for weeks or even months after the event. Do not hesitate to call or write if you have learned about the passing days or weeks later. The bereaved appreciate (and sometimes need) this opportunity to talk about their loved ones. Offer practical help, from bringing dinner to babysitting to helping dispose of the deceased’s clothes and objects. Invite the bereaved to lunch or dinner. Do not make offers or promises that you can’t keep. Talk about the deceased. Share anecdotes and memories. Open the space for the bereaved to talk about their loved one. That said, also speak about everyday things that matter. Keep trying. Even if the person does not want to speak much or go out sometimes, understand that this is temporary and she or he may be more willing to be social on another occasion. Understand that saying that you “understand” or “know how they feel” hardly helps the bereaved – even if you have gone through a similar experience. It is best to admit that you can only imagine the grief that the person is going through and if they ask, share some of the things that may have helped you to go through the bereavement process. Do not try to put a time limit on people’s bereavement. It may take months, it may take years. Refrain from suggesting to “move on” or “get over”. Be patient. Listen, listen, listen. But don’t feel that you have to come up with solutions or advise. Just listen.

Secure Haven News
Cheryl Yarwood

Secure Haven’s new bereavement officer

A funeral home’s newest recruit is happy in his work…providing he’s given plenty of attention and treats. Otis the cocker spaniel is the latest bereavement support officer to join the team at Secure Haven Funeral Directors, in Chelmsford, Essex. And the pooch is earning his wages by helping grieving families to deal with the pain and suffering of losing someone they love. The medical profession recognizes the benefits petting animals brings to those who are suffering illness or grief, with comfort and reassurance among the positives of having pets around. So, Paul and Cheryl Yarwood decided their own pet Otis would be a great benefit to grieving families using their unique funeral home in the Essex countryside. The three-year-old pet is now a full-time member of the team at Secure Haven, on hand and willing to accept as much attention as clients feel they want or need to give. Paul, who set up the funeral home with his wife after being saddened at the insensitive handling of his own mother’s death by traditional funeral directors, said: “Otis is a great help to us.” “Making funeral arrangements can be a great strain on families who are often shocked and emotional. It can feel intense for them to sit and make final arrangements for someone they have lost. So, to have Otis as somewhat of a distraction can be a real comfort and support. “He’s a trained dog and so if his attention isn’t wanted, that’s also fine. He isn’t going to make a nuisance of himself to those who would rather not fuss him.” Otis has already provided comfort to families, not only as they make funeral arrangements, but during services at Secure Haven. Dog lover Linda Humphrey found Otis a great support as she planned her father Ted Smith’s funeral recently. She said: “A dog is very comforting in times of grief. Animals can really sense your sadness. “Otis is a lovely friendly dog and has such a beautiful expression on his face that takes your mind off what you are talking about. My sister isn’t a “We held dad’s service and wake at Secure Haven and we decided we would like Otis mingling during the wake. He provided great comforted to everyone on the day.” The dog is not the only home comfort offered to families at Secure Haven. The undertakers are based in a barn in the Essex countryside which offers a home from home environment, with a comfortable “lounge” for arranging and viewing. Unique in the industry, the company also offers secure storage of ashes in lockable individual oak niches – a UK first – and sources rare memorial products from around the world.

Grief Recovery Tips
Cheryl Yarwood

How to cope with Christmas when you’re grieving

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Christmas. Some of you reading this will be facing your first Christmas alone and wondering how you’re going to cope. Others will be wondering whether they’re going to cope this time. Many people will notice a person shaped hole in their heart many years after the loss. Equally whether you celebrate Christmas or not, the fear of any approaching Celebration can be equally stressful. So, what can you do? Firstly, it’s a good idea to have a plan. Putting your head down and hoping to wake up in mid-January sadly isn’t going to work. If you have children, then include them in making the plans. Be honest when talking to them – express how sad you are that Mum/Dad/Grandma/Uncle won’t be there and that it’s going to be very different. Ask them what they want to do to acknowledge how much they miss them and what they want to keep or change about your family traditions. If there is something that is very special to you that you want to do or not do explain this too. Your feelings are equally important as theirs. It is essential that you are honest with them. We teach our children to always tell the truth so when we attempt to cover up our feelings and put a brave face on our body language gives us away and they get confused. Even small children can sense when they are being deceived. However, you need to be cautious. Being honest doesn’t mean that you should turn your children into your carer or surrogate spouse. So even though you can be honest, you need to gently discourage them from taking care of you. Yes, it’s a little subtle to do both, but you’ll be able to know how to do that. It’s also a good idea to have a Plan B or escape route. If you suddenly find you don’t want to be somewhere then being unable to leave because you’ve had a drink or are otherwise trapped can make a bad feeling so much worse. If you’re spending time with extended family make sure that you explain that you might need to escape to a spare room every now and again without worrying about being interrogated about where you’ve been. Avoid spending too much time alone, as grievers we tend to isolate because we quickly learn that most people aren’t “safe” to talk to. They try to fix us or make inane remarks that might be intellectually true but are emotionally useless. Isolation impedes recovery. We need others around us to share our thoughts and feelings with and yes to share new experiences that can become new happy memories.

Abigail and Linda’s Testimonial

“We can’t thank you and your team enough. We’ve really appreciated the care you’ve shown to us and Dad. His memorial went well too and we are comforted to know he’ll rest in peace until he’s back with us again.” Sincerest regards, Abigail and Linda

Margaret’s Testimonial

“I can’t thank you enough for your kindness and attention to detail when working with me on organising mum’s funeral. This is the second funeral I have planned, but was offered far more options and information than last time. Knowing that you were there, to support and guide was a huge comfort to me at a difficult time. Your florist did an amazing job with the flowers – these are now in my courtyard where I can admire them. On the day, Paul’s reassuring presence helped to keep me calm – the day panned out exactly as I had planned, culminating in a very professional wake at The County Hotel.” With thanks and kind regards, Margaret

Jenna’s Testimonial

“I would just like to say thank you again for everything. Secure Haven were fantastic and it was a welcome surprise to find myself feeling so warmly towards funeral directors! You were the perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism and made the whole experience as easy as possible and I am very grateful. I know it’s perhaps not necessarily the done thing but if I ever need to recommend a funeral directors to anyone you will always be the people I would strongly suggest. Some family have already said they will bear you in mind for future and I have nothing but praise for you.” So thank you once again, I am sending you my very best wishes and kindest regards, Love Jenna xx

Mrs Thombs’ Testimonial

“From the Start to finish of dealing with Secure Haven we were made to feel at ease and the team made the process as easy as it could be given the circumstances. We all felt very supported throughout.” Thank you! Mrs Thombs

Tracy’s Testimonial

“I would like to thank Secure Haven for making the process as easy as possible for my mum’s send off. It was conducted beautifully with dignity and respect and your professionalism is second to none, everything was done with a personal touch which gave me faith in all at Secure Haven.” Thanks again. Best regards, Tracy

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