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Do We Need To Attend The Crematorium Service

Here at Secure Haven Funeral Directors we are often asked “Do we have to attend the crematorium service?”  Our answer is ‘No ….not if don’t wish to’.


That answer usually surprises and shocks the bereaved family because they are unaware you are able to hold a funeral service wherever you wish, be it in a local church, crematorium, cemetery/churchyard, at home or alternative venue.  Once this is explained to families you can see the relief on their faces.  Yes, they have chosen a cremation as opposed to a burial for their loved one but they don’t have to be present at the crematorium.


Now that this is established we are able to advise the family on an alternative solution that is best suited to them and to their loved one.


A direct cremation service is a non-ceremony service held at a crematorium early in the morning with no officiant or mourners present. 

Due to rising costs of funerals and the serious issue of funeral poverty there has been an increase in demand for these direct cremations services for families who need to keep the costs to a minimum and thus avoiding getting into debt in order to pay for a funeral.

Direct Cremations allow families to hold a Memorial Service at a later date & time best suited to themselves at their preferred location post cremation.

Funeral services can be held at church conducted by the minister where the coffin and mourners are present.  If the committal part of the funeral service is completed at the church, requested by the family, then there is no need for the mourners to attend the crematorium.

Another alternative for families could be a private cremation service first, followed by a Celebration of Life Service at the local church or other venue where everybody is welcome.  These celebrations provide a more uplift

ing service for everyone present.