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Kind words from Jackie S, Bedfordshire.

Dear Kate,

I would like to thank you for taking the time with my sons, little granddaughter and I when we came to view the ‘Les Grands Vent’ range of urns in October.

I am thankful to have found Secure Haven, your tasteful range of urns are impressive, especially the ‘Les Grands Vent’. The fact I could actually visit your premises to view them in person was an enormous relief, with such a difficult decision to make being able to see and feel makes all the difference. The ‘Les Grands Vent’ range are incredibly beautiful, warm, tactile pieces and their individuality makes them so very personal. Although it took a while to make our choice, and I really appreciate all your help and patience with this Kate, now seeing ‘Maple #571’ placed in our home I can say it is absolutely perfect. I find it incredibly comforting as I believe John would have approved.

John bought a canal boat just before Christmas last year, a dream that had kept him going through his horrendous ordeal. The second beautiful item I purchased, the ‘Ocean Blue & Pewter’ keepsake urn, will be kept on the boat that he sadly had little time to enjoy.

To find such a beautiful, tranquil premises like Secure Haven with such a caring, understanding environment is heart-warming. I would have liked to have had somewhere like yours to have kept John’s ashes over the past few months while deciding what to do. Although I cannot fault our funeral directors, who were brilliant and caring and provided everything we wanted for the funeral, they do not have the beautiful facilities such as yours.

I wish you all the very best and hope your worthwhile business continues to grow to help all of us who find ourselves in this most unwanted of situations.

With best regards