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Low Cost Direct Cremations
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Direct Cremation Pricing

This Direct Cremation is available from £1195 when the deceased is located at a Hospital or Public Mortuary.
If collection is required from Home, a Care Home or Hospice, then additional charges apply (Please add £200).

The most cost-effective cremation option – no ceremony or attendance

Direct Cremations are the most low-cost option for a non-ceremony cremation service, with no mourners in attendance. This is ideal for those with limited budgets or those who request a no-frills service, it is usually only available from national companies. Although this may suit some, you may wish to use us for the following reasons.

Reasons to choose Secure Haven Independent Funeral Directors (instead of the Nationwide Companies)…

  • Local On-Site Mortuary – You prefer the deceased to be taken into the care of a local funeral director, with an on-site mortuary, as opposed to being held in a storage facility somewhere in the country.
  • Private Ambulance Transport – You prefer the deceased NOT to be transported by an unknown van driver, to a distant location, like national companies use.
  • Local Storage of Ashes – You appreciate the 3 month period for storage of the ashes in one of our secure niches, at no extra charge – awaiting collection at a time of your convenience.
  • Local Collection of Ashes – You want to collect the ashes locally to avoid the cost and inconvenience of having to collect from an unknown location, or pay high fees for delivery (couriers will not deliver ashes to you).

  • Dignity & Respect from Professionals – Assurance that a fully qualified funeral director is always present, guaranteeing the dignity of the deceased at all times.
  • Local Chapel of Rest – You may wish to visit the deceased in a chapel of rest.
  • Personal Touches & Requests – You may have a special request you wish to be considered or adhered to.
  • Experience & Support – You prefer the one-to-one professional support and assistance provided by a funeral director.
  • Grief Recovery – You would like help from our qualified Grief Recovery expert.
  • Memorial Specialist – You may wish to discover the many options available regarding the ashes. For example: Did you know you could come back as a tree?

Price Match Guarantee

People think this service is much more expensive than using a National Direct Cremation provider. This is why we provide a Guarantee that if you find a like-for-like service we will price-match any written quotation from another funeral director in Essex.

We  understand that families may request a Direct Cremation and choose to hold a Life Celebration or Memorial Service at a time and place that suits them. Alternatively due to the rising cost of a cremation, sometimes a full, formal, funeral service may not be financially achievable or required.

With Direct Cremation, your loved one is brought into our care from a Hospital or Public Mortuary, placed in a simple coffin and transferred by private ambulance to a local Crematorium of our choice and time. The ashes are collected by us, in the container provided by the crematorium and stored in one of our secure niche’s for a 3 month period awaiting collection by you, at your convenience.

All Secure Haven’s Funeral Packages include help with grief using the Grief Recovery Method. You will be offered a free Consultation with our in-house Specialist.

Our Direct Cremation Service – The Details…

Upon your instruction and once we have been given relevant clearance to collect the deceased, we will bring them into our care at our on-site mortuary at No. 1 Hospital Approach, Broomfield, Chelmsford, Essex. The necessary paperwork is prepared by us requiring your signature of approval. We will always notify you of the date and time of cremation and also when the ashes are back safely into our care. If you wish for the deceased to be prepared, dressed and would like a viewing this can be arranged but will be at an additional cost.

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This Cremation Package Includes:


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