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Funeral Wishes

Even if you don’t feel able to talk about your funeral wishes with your friends or family, it’s important to let someone know that you have filled out this form so it can be referred to when the time comes. Once you have completed the form, put it somewhere safe and tell someone close to you where it is or give it to them to look after for you. You may also want to give details of where the form is to your executor, solicitor or Secure Haven Funeral Directors.

Have your life celebrated your way!

Have you ever thought about what you want for your funeral? You probably already know whether you want to be buried or cremated, but what about the details? Where should it be held? Do you want particular readings or poems and, if so, which ones and read by whom? Is there certain music you want played? Perhaps there’s even a specific route you’d like your hearse to take. You may even have written your own eulogy or “farewell letter” that you wish for someone to read. By planning ahead using Secure Haven’s specially designed Funeral Wish List, not only will you save your next-of-kin the stress of trying to second-guess what you would have wanted, you’ll also be able to put your stamp on your last celebration, ensuring it reflects what is important to you.

Your Funeral Wish List is simple to use: just fill in the sections that are important to you. You can always revisit the form if you want to add additional details. However, bear in mind that a funeral is above all an occasion for your family and friends to express their grief and celebrate your life and times shared together, so don’t feel you need to dictate every aspect of it.

Once completed you can, if you wish, send it to us at Secure Haven Funeral Directors where we will keep it securely stored. But please remember to make sure that someone has a copy or knows where to find it.

My Personal Details

My Personal Representative and/or Next of Kin

The person most likely to be dealing with my funeral arrangements

Place of Funeral Service

Content of Funeral Service

Flowers and Donations

Before the funeral

The Funeral

If you want to be buried

If you want to be cremated