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Bios Urn – Gizmo’s Final Resting Place

Bios Urn from Secure Havens Cremations.

Bios Urn from Secure Haven.

Secure Haven’s Bios urns are an ecologically friendly way to lay a pet to rest. For most animal lovers, their companions are important family members. When French Bulldog Gizmo passed away, his owners ensured he was taken care by APCC members, Dignity Pet Crematorium in Hook, Hampshire.

The company, which provides respectful, dignified cremation for pets is embracing the idea of biodegradable urns supplied by Pets Sanctuary at Secure Haven. Gizmo’s owners said:

We made a promise when he came into our lives to always take care of him. Death was not to Change that. The Shell may not be here but his spirit is. Bios Urn makes it possible for him to be a part of the earth and mother nature.

Gizmo's Owners