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Memorial Tree Urns

Memorial Tree Urns

As springtime approaches, why not offer families the opportunity to nurture the growth of a tree in memory of a lost loved one using some or all of the ashes? Secure Haven exclusively distributes three exceptional biodegradable urns to aid this process. The Spiritree is a beautifully handcrafted ceremonial urn for the laying to rest of a family member, pet or both together in reunification as it has a capacity of 4.8 litres. It has no shelf life and comes well packaged for eventual use and can be incorporated into an end of life plan.

The Limbo Geos biodegradable urns is made from binding plant organic substrate, fibre, golden sand and plant extracts. It can be planted in the ground next to an existing tree to aid its growth or can be used as a vessel to grow a new tree coupled with the sapling of a family’s choosing. The capacity is 3.5 litres.

The Bios Urn is the most affordable option from Secure Haven and made out of biodegradable materials, cellulose and natural fibres. Again this urn has no shelf life at all. it has an overall capacity of three litres. The top vessel can be coupled with springtime bulbs.

All the urns come with free tree seeds for germination inside to achieve a healthy sapling prior to use. All options can be used within large planters so that they can move and grow with families.