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Unique funerals offer comfort to families.

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Secure Haven Featured article in the Essex Echo:   Unique funerals offer comfort to families. 

When a loved one dies, finding the best way to say goodbye can be both confusing and difficult. A funeral parlour has come up with a number of ways to give loved ones a unique and personal send-off after searching the world for memorial urns and keepsakes.

Peter Low was determined to give his brother William Low, 65, a funeral with a twist after he requested to have his ashes scattered in a river. Peter said: “I imagined we’d have to have a traditional urn that we’d open and scatter his ashed from. The thought of the wind blowing in the wrong direction and it being a disaster was abhorrent to me.” But Secure Haven Funeral Directors eased his fears. The independent businesses, based in Margretting, offered the family the chance to have William’s ashes placed in a Samsara sand urn. Made from sand and salt bound with natural plant extracts, the urn dissolves when submerged in water – giving the family the opportunity to give William the send-off he wanted from Southend Pier. Peter said: “It was an important final moment, it was a release. I had not heard of the sand urn before. It was very clean and respectful.” The family knew they wanted their loved one to be returned to her home in Yorkshire. They chose an eco-friendly scattering cremation urn, called a Scatter Pod, which features a peel-up tab on the top for ashes to be scattered from.

Kathryn, of Rettendon Common, also had some of her mum’s ashes placed in a bracelet charm. She said: “I didn’t want an urn for mum, but I wanted to keep her close. I wanted a keepsake that was private, that was just for me. “I find myself twiddling the
charm on my bracelet all the time and thinking of mum. I feel as though mum is with me and protecting me. It brings that closeness back.” The family went on to have their dog Molly’s ashes added into a paper weight.

Sarah Ramsey-Smith’s mum Mercy wanted to be returned to the earth when she died. When the 85-year-old’s ashes were laid to rest at Woodman Road Cemetery, in Brentwood, they were within an environmentally-friendly and biodegradable Limbo Geos coffin. It is hand-crafted from binding plant extracts, fibre and sand – and fitted completely with Mercy’s wishes. Daughter Sarah, from Brentwood, said: “It meant everything to have the biodegradable urn for mum. She was all about things returning to where they started from – ashes to ashes and dust to dust.” Cheryl Yarwood, managing director of Secure Haven, said: “It’s a privilege to offer such a varying and unique range of post-cremation options to families. After all, it aids them along their journey with grief.”