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I knew she genuinely cared.

Secure Haven were able to provide comfort to the smith family when arranging a funeral and ashes service. This is what they wrote.

Many Funerals are still stuck in the dark ages but our service for our beloved Norman was the most beautiful, hilarious, emotional, delightful event to celebrates the life of someone who’s passed. It’s been a long stretch to get to that due to some very unpleasant, unnecessary and unforeseen circumstance beyond ours or dear Norm’s control.

So when we finally had our moment – we were fortunate to choose the right person in Kate at Secure Haven, Margaretting. She listened to my desperate ramblings when things were beyond horrid and bad people made losing him so much more painful – she let me blurt it all out and importantly I knew she genuinely cared.

She became the right person to help us with our ceremony for Norman and she did us proud. When most funerals are the way they are- she gave us permission and ideas about how we could host our own version and it would be special.

We hadn’t even considered not having a vicar or person to ‘officiate’ proceeding until she mentioned it. We hadn’t thought about asking everyone to share a special memory… until she said it.

So we wrote our own ‘order of service’ and included within that two hymns Norman loved and the Lord’s Prayer because he believed in God.

We then weaved into that opportunities for the family and friends to share their memories, a poem or a prayer and honestly …… it was so beautiful!

We literally laughed our socks off and have wonderful laughter tickling memories to look back on. We cried and we said a lot of ‘ahhhhs’ when each person spoke.

And most importantly the whole ceremony was about Norman.

He will have been watching and crying with laughter and above all – he will know how loved he was and always will be.