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Paul Yarwood, Grief Recovery Specialist.

Hello I’m Paul Yarwood and I am a Grief Recovery Specialist based in Chelmsford, Essex.

My story is like many other grievers in that I have suffered personal loss, but it was the death of my dad which led me on this wonderful journey.

My Dad passed away peacefully after a 2-year battle with cancer nearly 3 years after we lost my mother to the same tragic disease.

Several years later my wife Cheryl and I set up a funeral home, Secure Haven and met Carole Henderson the GRM Trainer for the UK. This was a meeting that changed my life and the perception of grief. Both Cheryl and I trained and became specialists in the Grief Recovery Method.

Whilst training, I realised that at the point my dad had just weeks to live, I was unknowingly suffering such grief that it affected my health, my work, and relationships within my family.

In hindsight, my first signs of grief were my mood changes. I was extremely stressed as we were just waiting for him to die and the gradual decline in his health was all too apparent.

A few days after dad died, on my way to work I found myself being rushed into hospital with a suspected heart attack, I then needed weeks away from work to recover.

But this was not all. I realize now that there were other people just as affected especially my 7-year-old daughter who seemed to have had just as many symptoms of grief yet we had no help or guidance as we were all wrapped in our own grief.

On my journey in becomeing a specialist, I finally became complete in my relationship with my dad. I could say his name aloud without instantly feeling a surge of loss and sadness that would overtake my emotional state. This method WORKS. It is not counselling but a process of training to ease the pain, isolation and loneliness caused by any significant loss. We are all about recovery – taking steps to complete all the unfinished business left hanging about after any bereavement.