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There’s No Such Thing As An Alternative Funeral!

Funeral Director Monthly featured a wide variety of creative and inventive supplier organisations giving families greater choice and individuality when saying goodbye.



Another aspect of the funeral to grow in terms of choice and options for families is what happens to cremated ashes when they return to the family. A wide variety of urns, sculptures, memorial jewellery, and other trinkets have evolved to ensure families who don’t wish to scatter the ashes can choose the perfect vessel to keep them close. Some families though, find they do not feel ready to have the ashes with them at home or to scatter them. Previously these ashes might have been left with the funeral director as many thousands are each year – however NAFD supplier Secure Haven was launched with the aim of providing secure ashes storage for as long as families needed the service.

The firm has now expanded and to include a wide range of urns and bespoke funeral services in a historic barn, based in Essex, encouraging families to create funerals that are unique and special to them. Founder Cheryl Yarwood is proud of everything that Secure Haven has achieved but prefers to leave the talking to her customers, such as these words from ‘Jackie’ – who only discovered Secure Haven’s ashes storage service several months after the funeral and wishes she had done so earlier.

“I am thankful to have found Secure Haven. Your tasteful range of urns is impressive, especially the Les Grands Vent. The Fact I could actually visit your premises to view them in person was an enormous relief, with such a difficult decision to make being able to see and feel makes all the difference. The Les Grands Vents range are incredibly beautiful, warm, tactile pieces and their individuality makes them so very personal. Although it took a while to make our choice and I appreciated all your help and patience with this, now it is placed in our home, I can say it is absolutely perfect. I find it incredibly comforting as I believe John would have approved. To find such beautiful tranquil premises like Secure Haven with such a caring understanding environment is heart-warming.”