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Wonderful Words From Respected Grief Expert Dr Bill Webster

Dr Bill Webster praises Secure Haven's proactive approach to bereavement in Essex

Dr Bill Webster praises Secure Haven’s proactive approach to bereavement in Essex

World renowned grief counsellor Dr Bill Webster has applauded the work of Essex couple Paul and Cheryl Yarwood and their venture, Secure Haven – supporting bereaved families by collecting and then storing ashes at its specially converted historic barn.

Secure Haven is a unique service in the UK and Canadian Dr Bill Webster took time out from his visit to Essex, recently to see first-hand how Secure Haven operates and can help grieving families during the stressful first months after bereavement.

As a grief counsellor, author, TV host and increasingly well-known international speaker, Dr Webster set up the grief journey organisation and website into which he distils his many years of experience helping the bereaved on what he calls ‘the journey out of grief’. Situated within its tranquil grade II- listed barn, near Chelmsford, Secure Haven offers bespoke storage for loved one’s ashes for as long as required, allowing families to make lasting decisions about their loved one’s ashes free from anxiety or pressure.

Dr Webster said he fully supported the Secure Haven approach of encouraging a ‘time out’ to make these important decisions. It was, he stressed, ‘critical to the grieving process’.

Secure Haven is a beautiful facility that offers a much-needed service to grieving people. I have long advocated that people need to find a ‘place’ for their loved one’s remains

Dr Bill Webster

Said Dr Webster.

Finding a Physical Place for cremated remains helps the process of finding a permanent emotional place in their hearts for loved ones.
With traditional earth burial, the necessity of finding a ‘final resting place’ is as obvious as it is urgent. After cremation, however, grieving people have many more options as to what to do with the cremated remains- not all of which are helpful.

Dr Bill Webster

Some leave the remains with the funeral director for weeks and even years. Others take them home and make them part of everyday life, which gives them a sense that the person is still ‘with them’, often prolonging the grief process’.

Secure Haven offers people a temporary solution to a problem, when they may not be ready to make a permanent decision. Today we need to be more proactive in helping people device what they should do with cremated remains in order to find an enduring ‘place’ for their loved one and the service that Secure Haven offers is a valuable option for the short term until people are ready to finally put the remains to rest.

Dr Bill Webster