Local, family run, independent funeral director in Broomfield covering Chelmsford and the surrounding areas.

Journeying Soul: Funerals and Memorials

At Journeying Soul, we create funerals and memorials that are meaningful and that faithfully reflect a person’s life, passions and legacy. Whether inspired in a specific world faith, personal spirituality or non-religious, secular perspective, we aim to create an unforgettable ceremony, which both comforts the family and honours and celebrates the life of the loved one. We work closely and respectfully with our clients to craft a service which portrays true beliefs, life views and unique personalities.

According to our clients’ wishes, we can adapt traditions from different spiritualities, create our own rituals and incorporate inspiration from the world of arts, popular culture, nature and science into the ceremony. Relatives and friends can be included in the service as much or as little as feels comfortable. The aim is to create a sacred moment and space, where memories can be shared and good-byes can be said in a genuine, supportive and loving way.

So please contact us and allow us to serve you and your family during this time of transition. We offer a free initial consultation of around 30-40 minutes, which can take place online, over the telephone or, if you are local to Chelmsford, face-to-face. Our core service includes follow-up consultations, crafting and delivery of the ceremony to your requirements, drafting an order of service (printing not included) and commemorative documentation. Prices start from £190.

Additionally, we offer discounted rates for optional spiritual/bereavement counselling for immediate family. We can also conduct funerals and memorials for beloved pets. For further information, please visit our website, www.journeyingsoul.com or contact us on 01245-280495 or 07717-887861.

Karem Barratt is an ordained Interfaith Minister, Independent Celebrant and Spiritual Counsellor, committed to serving people of all spiritualities and those with none.