Limbo Geos Urn - Adult


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Return your loved one to nature with the Geos Biodegradable Urn for Adults. Designed for burying your loved one’s ashes – Geos is a beautifully crafted biodegradable urn made from binding plant organic substrate, fibre, golden sand and plant extracts. The urn’s lid can be removed and replaced with a sapling of your choice which can be planted to cultivate new life. The Geos Urn can also be placed in a planter so that it is mobile – therefore able to move and grow with the family. We strongly advise planting the Geos Urn with a sapling of your choice that suits its UK environment or perhaps reflects the personality of your lost loved one. Secure Haven are the exclusive UK distributor for the Limbo Geos Urn. Dimensions – 22cm diameter, 3.5kg weight, 3.2 litre capacity.

  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Designed for ground use to nurture new tree life
  • Can also be buried alongside existing trees or placed into planters
  • Free tree seed included – subject to availability
  • Also available in Small Pet and Large Pet sizes
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How to use the Limbo Geos Urn:

    1. To use the Geos Urn take out the water soluble bag from the urn.
    2. Cut the strap and keep it to close the bag.
    3. Place the open bag inside the urn and place the ashes inside.
    4. Close the bag by tying the strap around the top.
    5. Place the Urn into the ground – cover with soil and water. Regular visits are needed to nurture the tree.
    6. In cases where you have a larger set of ash – simply fill the entire urn and discard the lid. Place the root system over the top of the urn and cover with soil.
    7. This urn can also be buried alongside an existing tree to aid its continual growth.