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Ashes Storage

Where Your Loved One’s Ashes Will Be Kept

Complimentary to families that use our  funeral services, we have bespoke depositories which we call our Secure Niches. After a cremation, your urn is placed inside and the niche is closed with a key. This enables us to keep the ashes securely locked.

Niches are simple oak-lined cabinets which are deliberately kept unostentatious and have individual locks. Each niche has two keys; one kept by us, securely in a safe and one by you.

Families that do not have their funeral with us can house an urn for as little as one month. This can be for as long as required and costs just £1 per day. There is no time limit.  If you wish to store ashes with us for a year we the charge will be £360 including VAT.

Personalizing Your Secure Niche

Individual Secure NichesEach Secure Niche has enough space to include at least two standard-size urns along with some personal objects. Our only consideration is that they fit within the internal space and do not include any illegal objects or substances. In practice, it is best to avoid using the niche to store valuable items – which may not be insurable whilst in our care – but photographs and other small personal objects are welcome.






To discuss ashes storage here at  our premises in Broomfield, Chelmsford, please contact us no matter the time of day.