Local, family run, independent funeral director in Broomfield covering Chelmsford and the surrounding areas.

Paul Yarwood

CEO Paul Yarwood | Secure Haven

CEO Paul Yarwood | Secure Haven

Paul Yarwood spent many years working as a broker in the City, leaving in 2014 to pursue his ambition of creating a more caring and financially transparent funeral service.

When his beloved mum mary died, the family struggled to decide on what they needed to do and the costs involved. After the funeral, the family trusted the local funeral director to take care of the ashes but where horrified to discover her remains had been stored in a cupboard among dozens of others.

It was then he and wife Cheryl, married for 23 years decided to help other families by offering a new kind of service. Secure Haven Independent Funeral Directors was created as a new facility aimed at those suffering loss by creating a comfortable environment for families to make important decisions.  There are no desks and stark interiors, rather soft settees and warm interiors.

Paul and Cheryl, like many others that have suffered a loss, realise that full transparency of cost was significant so that the families can decide upon that special farewell within whatever budget they may have.

Paul said: “I am both proud and honoured to be able to help and support families at their time of grief, giving them the opportunity to put together the most appropriate funeral possible for their loved ones. By taking away the worry of cost at this most difficult time and arranging the funeral in a tranquil setting away from the high street, I truly believe we a making a welcomed difference.”


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No.1 Hospital Approach, Broomfield,
Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 7FA. United Kingdom